MAH Sustainability Report 2023

Chairman’s Message


Mohammad Ali Habib is the chairman of MAH Gold and Jewellery. The MAH is run under his commendable leadership.He is highly motivated and passionate about his work. He believes in quality, kindness, and honesty which makes him aman of high moral values and integrity. He has successfully navigated this flagship of excellence since 2008.His vision drives him every day to lead with empathy and compassion. The employees in his company do not only workfor him but they also look up to him as a great leader.


At M A H, we conduct our business guided by the principles of Honesty, Excellence, and Integrity. With a firm commitment to fair dealing and strong business ethics, we have expanded globally in the precious metals industry. Our growing client base has enabled us to diversify our product portfolio, overcoming market challenges and achieving prosperity. The precious metals industry has taught me that gold and silver are time-proven investments, and it is our privilege to make our products available to domestic and international bullion traders. In the current era of constant evolution and geopolitical dynamics, we focus on surpassing client expectations with exceptional precious metal products and services, rooted in integrity and adaptability.



MAH is a member of the RJC council and actively supports the UnitedNations’ Sustainability Goals for driving social change and positively impacting the
community. This is our first sustainability report for providing a comprehensive view of our efforts and exhibiting our commitment to human rights and ethical business practices. The geographic scope of all the data points included in this report is relevant to our company located in UAE. This report focuses on our sustainability goals, key areas, and strategy for the next year.

Reporting Period

This report reflects data and activities from the period spanning January 1, 2023,to December 31, 2023. This report has been prepared concerning GRI Standards.

Information Integrity

The information presented in the report is collected and verified through an internal control system that includes subject matter experts.This report accurately represents our sustainability commitment and goals.

Our Approach

To prioritize our sustainability goals, the following logical process has been adopted:
• Identification of the most important issues
• Setting KPIs to improve our performance
• Performance indicators as well as regular reporting

The Right Audience

This report provides information for a varied range of stakeholders including our vendors, customers, partners, the public, and anyone interested to know about our sustainability efforts.

Limited Assurance

To ensure best practices and the quality of the report, it has been aligned with international sustainability standards. This report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI Standards: Enhancing stakeholder involvement and materiality. The report can be found on the MAH website. We are providing this report with a limited level of assurance. It does not include detailed testing of data and we profoundly depend on the information provided by the management and subject matter experts. We do not accept any responsibility to anyone for the data used in this report.

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